Powdersville Business Council

Established in 2007 by the Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce, the Powdersville Business Council (PBC) promotes the well-being of the business, professional and industrial community of the Powdersville area. Members of the PBC are also members of the Greater Easley Chamber, and together we all work for the betterment of the Easley-Powdersville business market.  To help plan and manage the activities and initiatives in the Powdersville area, the PBC maintains its own elected Advisory Board.  And to ensure the direct connection to the Chamber's overall strategic plan, the Chamber Board of Directors includes representation from the PBC as well.  

For businesses in the Powdersville area, the PBC is designed to expand the programs and strategic mission of the Greater Easley Chamber to the Powdersville area, but more importantly, the PBC ensures local business interests and concerns are represented.  In addition to hosting events and programs in the Easley area, the Easley Chamber and PBC also host business lunches at the Powdersville Library and an Annual Fall Golf Tournament. 

2023 Officers:
Chair:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJohn Knox, First Citizens Bank 
Chair-Elect:xxxxxxxxxxxEvan Landreth, Powdersville Water 
Immediate Past Chair:xxCindy Fox Miller, Cindy Fox Miller & Associates 

Treasurer:xxxxxxxxxxxxLeebo Keels, YMCA of Easley, Pickens, & Powdersville
Secretary:xxxxxxxxxxxxKevin Kozak, Kudzu Staffing

2023 Advisory Board Members:
Debi Brannon, Connect Powdersville
Adria Earwood, Park National Bank
Holt Hopkins, Anderson County
Adam Lanford, Powdersville High School
Amanda McGinty, State Farm Insurance

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