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11/15/2017 Ribbon Cutting
JC Cares Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

JC Cares celebrated their ribbon cutting on Tuesday, November 14.
JC Cares is a biblical counseling and discipleship ministry partnering with The Dream Center of Pickens County and located in their facility. Recently, they conducted a survey of the people that are coming to The Dream Center seeking help and discovered some sobering results that confirmed the need for biblical counseling.


The results are as follows: 73% of our people have experienced depression, 67% have grieved the loss of a spouse or close family member, 56% have been physically abused, 49% have been sexually abused, 42% have used drugs, and 24% have attempted suicide. JC Cares believe they can empower people to get back on their feet financially, but if they do nothing to help heal deep emotional wounds and walk with them on a journey of healing from past pain, then the stability they are hoping for will not be achieved.


The need is real. Some statements made by individuals at the Dream Center further confirmed the launch of JC Cares.


“My baby girl died in my arms.”

“My dad didn’t let me go to school because someone might find out that he was molesting me.”

“If it wasn’t for my children needing me, I would stay in my room and not get out of bed.”

“Then there was the belt year….when my husband beat me every day with a belt.”

“The hair strand drug test came out positive, and they are taking my children away from me.”


The common thread tying these individuals together is their economic hardship and inability to afford biblical counseling. JC Cares wants to overcome this obstacle and provide the hurting with hope…because they believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be healed and set free by the love and power of Jesus Christ.


Our vision is to see men and women no longer defined or controlled by the pain and trauma of their past nor brought down by the difficulties of the present; but walking one day at a time empowered by the living God with a family of believers walking beside them.

In conjuction with their ribbon cutting, JC Cares also had their 3rd Annual Celebration Night. For more information on JC Cares or how you can volunteer and get involved visit their website at

Pictures courtesy of Britt Wyatt - The Sentinel Progress

Pictures courtesy of Britt Wyatt - The Sentinel Progress

Pictures courtesy of Britt Wyatt - The Sentinel Progress